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View Street Australian Equity Fund

View Street Partners is pleased to present a new wholesale Australian equity trust, the View Street Australian Equity Fund (Fund). The Fund offers investors a highly-differentiated view on conservative asymmetric equity investment strategy. 

Firmly anchored in preserving and enhancing capital, the Manager will strictly apply a unique process to maintain a conservative risk/return profile whilst consistently harvesting superior returns from a highly-filtered universe of quality, liquid Australian listed industrial companies.

Our product provides an alternative way of foraging into the future and is quite different to conventional long-only equity strategies. Long-only equity strategies generally rely heavily on broader market outcomes for their returns. However, our unique methodology reduces our reliance on equity market performance; and, in fact, benefits from volatility and change.

We are proud of and stand behind our product and are personally invested on the same terms as our investors. The Fund provides an opportunity to invest alongside the principal operators gaining access to a unique, boutique investment style.


Our doctrine is anchored in wealth preservation and enhancement; we strive to minimise downside before exposing capital to upside potential.

We believe financial markets are highly complex systems that are perpetually reacting to changing information and are not predictable. In order to operate objectively and rationally amid this uncertainty, we must follow price action rather than pre-empt it.

However, to objectively follow price action and be consistently profitable over the long term, one must have an operational framework that is:

  1. Able to sustain positive asymmetry in one's risk/return profile; and
  2. Is systematic and consistently repeatable.

Our tactical advantage

The Manager will exploit an operational edge that we believe, is not widely recognised in the domestic marketplace.

Our unique technical insights have created a simple yet sophisticated and robust framework that allows us to react objectively to specific price signals to:

  1. Embrace and retain strength whilst rejecting and avoiding weakness;
  2. Maintain a consistently positive asymmetric risk/return profile; and,
  3. Produce superior returns consistently over the longer term.

About the Manager

6011 Capital Management Pty Ltd (Manager) is the manager of the Fund. The Manager is controlled by View Street Partners and is a Corporate Authorised Representative of View Street Corporate Pty Ltd (AFSL 494198). The board collectively owns 90% of the Manager alongside the Funds Foundation Investors who own the remaining equity in the Manager.

To access a PDF overview of the View Street Australian Equity Fund please click here.

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